Thursday, July 6, 2017

Green Beauty Experts From Around the World Voice In!

Natural beauty is blossoming. What started as a small niche movement is now an 11 billion dollar industry, with the United States firmly taking the lead. Key to its success is the growing awareness of what's really lurking in your cosmetic products - no one fancies slathering lead, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and toxic dyes all over their skin! 

Empowered by a new generation of online influencers and eco-conscious beauty entrepreneurs who are making high-quality, ingredient conscious beauty accessible to all, more women are turning to natural alternatives that are as aesthetically pleasant as they are safe for all their beauty needs. 

Far from being an isolated U.S. phenomenon, the natural beauty trend is slowly growing all over the globe. To find out just how far it has progressed, we connected with five representative influential players from five countries: Amanda Jo from the U.S.A., Founder of the pioneering green beauty website The Organic Bunny; Pavel Dolzhenko, Managing Director or Nuciya Natural Beauty in Canada; Lena Lappalainen, Head of Distribution and International Sales at Naturelle Pro Beauty Oy in Finland; Caroline van Eeuwijk, Founder of C. Cosmetics and Care in Holland; and Wendy Thian, Founder of the hit beauty e-commerce site, Gourmet Skin Bar of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Gourmet Skin Bar landing page packed with info & reco's on natural, clean beauty.

The below findings are what we discovered from interviewing these experts: 

How Far Has #CleanBeautyRevolution Spread? 

Once relegated to the forgotten shelves and dark corners of small beauty stores, natural / green category cosmetics are now hitting the cyber shelves of major U.S. retailers, like Nordstrom and Sephora, at an ever faster pace. According to Amanda Jo, the U.S.A. has powerful online influencers that have fully embraced, and championed, the green beauty cause, to thank for it. 

“Women are noticing that their favorite bloggers are making the shift within their routines and this inspires others to give their own routine some extra thought.” 

Amanda Jo, Founder of The Organic Bunny in U.S.A.

Detoxing your beauty routine has never been easier, either. As Amanda Jo points out, “shopping for cleaner cosmetics is now just a click away.”

“Canada is pretty on par with the U.S. in terms of green beauty,” says Pavel. In recent years, he reported, the market has been flooded with natural, high-performing products. New independent producers of such cosmetics enter the market every day, making the competition fierce. Which in turn spurs a wave of innovation that results in higher-quality products with a more luxurious feel than the ones traditionally associated with natural skincare and makeup. 

Social media influencers, as well as traditional media outlets in Europe, are also raising awareness for, and educating people about, potentially harmful ingredients often found in traditional cosmetics, too.

As European consumers are becoming more conscious of what they are putting on their skin, they have been increasingly shifting to green beauty and personal care products.

Lena, Founder of Naturelle in Finland with Hynt's Founder Meryl Marshall
at their in-store press event in Helsinki, Finland

“The green beauty movement is seen everywhere here in Finland,” says Lena. “Food, clothes, consumption in general, and even in designing sustainable houses. Thanks to social media, the awareness of unwanted allergic reactions due to synthetic ingredients in cosmetic products has increased, forever changing the beauty routines of women all over the Nordic countries."

The picture in the Netherlands, however, looks a little more dire. While young women living in the bigger, more polluted cities are starting to veer towards a greener lifestyle, the rest of the population is still in the dark about the potential harm of traditional cosmetic ingredients. This slow progress, as Caroline explained, is attributed to the Dutch's “no nonsense” approach, a philosophy that causes them to question any new information they encounter for a considerable length of time before accepting it as truth. 

Once they have the full picture, though, Dutch women don't hesitate to make the switch. “They never knew what was going on with ingredients of cosmetic products,” says Caroline, “and are astounded when they are told about the toxins, risks and negative effect on the skin.” 

C. Cosmetics & Care in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Natural beauty is lagging behind in Hong Kong, too. According to Wendy, “the green beauty movement is still in its early stages in Hong Kong, but it is a growing priority for many women.” 

"The movement is particularly successful with the healthy crowd who regularly exercise, practice yoga and mindfulness, but we have no doubt it will spread to the rest of the population in the not so distant future."

Wendy Thian, Founder of Gourmet Skin Bar in Hong Kong

Green Beauty Trends Around The World 

Maybe it's because the industry is still so new. Maybe it's because organic beauty brands have seriously stepped up their game, offering new and unique products never before seen in this sector...whatever the reason, in the US and Finland, there is no particular product group that stands out as a category leader. 

As both Amanda Jo and Lena both pointed out, green beauty sections are now found in even the biggest department stores, which tend to grow on demand.

A demand fueled by green beauty bloggers, like Amanda Jo, who has 110K+ followers on Instagram and an active following on her blog. “I have worked hard to create a solid network of like-minded women, which ultimately led me to start my new online store,” she says. 

Photo by Kelsey Price, Green Beauty Blogger and Founder of Liberty Green who is based in Australia

In Canada, foundations and clean deodorants are the biggest sellers. “The variety of foundations, from liquids, creams and powders has given consumers a lot of choice in finding a foundation that will work with their skin type,” says Pavel. Clean deodorants come in different forms, too, “from clay, wax, baking soda and even charcoal, you can find deodorant natural alternatives offered everywhere, from farmers market brands to larger skincare companies.” 

Dutch women are mostly concerned with their sun protection being clean and non irritable and they usually will not purchase anything with a SPF lower than 20. They also snub creams in favor of facial oils, which is easier to create 100% organically or all naturally.

In Hong Kong, it's not cosmetics but inner beauty supplements and edible skincare formulas that are becoming more popular within the green beauty world. 

As Wendy revealed, it's a trend that started with “Hong Kong department store Lane Crawford's 'Let's Live Better' effort to promote both physical and emotional well-being through curated products” and is now leading women to look for “both therapeutic and luxurious products to nourish their body inside and out to achieve optimal vitality and health."

Sampling of Green Beauty Products at Nuciya Beauty in Canada, photo by NUCIYA

Now vs. Then: How Green Beauty Has Changed 

Green beauty has completely transformed during the years, but there's one thing that has stayed the same - everywhere. “Girls want performance, plain and simple,” states Amanda Jo. “If it's not performing, they're not likely to be loyal for life. Products like the Hynt Beauty's DUET Perfecting Concealer prove that women are happy to support green beauty as long as the products are carrying their own weight when it comes to performance!” 

Or, as Caroline put it, Dutch women who have become ingredient conscious, “know better what they do and do not want in cosmetics.” Out, to them, is anything with the remotest trace of toxins in them. In are natural products with a luxurious feel, classy packaging and an affordable price tag. 

Caroline van Eeuwijk, Founder of Cosmetics & Care in Holland
The bar for cleanly formulated beauty is at an all-time high, confirms Pavel. “Having clean ingredients has always been the most important factor, but now, there's a higher standard for green beauty. There's more attention paid on the quality and feel of a product; how it wears and looks," he continued.

The type of consumers roaming the aisles of stores looking for natural beauty products have changed, as well. “Ten, fifteen years back, it was a concise group of people with hemp bags and tie-dyed shirts,” says Lena. 

The only other group that paid attention to ingredients was pregnant women. Before, their choices were limited to a few big players like Weleda and Dr. Hauschka. Now, “many foreign brands are entering the market and new natural brands are also being established, offering a wider array of high-quality products for women to choose from."

The Future Of Green Beauty 

Green beauty may have gone mainstream but all our experts agree on one thing. The journey has just begun! 

“Consumer eyes are now wide open and the time is perfect for green beauty. The demand is already there and constantly growing”, says Amanda Jo. “The more time passes,” she continues, “the more perfect the formulas become. The more time we take to invest in getting it right, the more powerful it's going to be!” 

She also has a special wish. “My personal dream would be to see a transformation, where synthetic brands are the minority. What would be a better choice than a safe, natural product in a beautiful packaging?” 

Nor is the green trend confined to beauty only. “Green lifestyle products and services also only seem to be on the up and up in Canada; from juicing to yoga, every year seems to bring a new wave of businesses riding the tide of new interest from people wanting to make more conscious choices,” says Pavel. Caroline has seen a similar trend in Holland, where clean food and detoxing are the next big thing. 

One thing's for sure, green beauty is here to stay!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mom-In-A-Rush Clean Green Beauty Hacks

Mornings always feel like a mad scramble to get out the door. My little ones, who are seven and five years old, seem to move in slow motion: they take their sweet time getting out of bed, eat breakfast s-l-o-w-l-y, and can never decide what to wear. Which means that on some days all I have time for is sunscreen and a ponytail. But I try not to be so minimal. 
When I’m put together I feel better prepared to tackle my day. It’s like when your home is tidy and organized; it makes your life feel more organized. 

So to help you ‘keep it together’ during drop-offs, pick-ups, and all the running around in between, I want to share my Mom-In-A-Rush beauty routine! 

It takes ten minutes and relies on two main beauty hacks:
  • Multi-tasking products
  • Cream formulas for foundation, blush and eyeshadow that can be applied without a brush. 

After showering, I spray a facial mist over my face and neck to help lock in the moisture from my sunscreen (see Step 2). While the facial mist is absorbing, I brush my teeth and put in my contact lenses.

I apply a multi-tasking sunscreen that has the benefits of a nutrient-rich serum and a moisturizer. So instead of applying three different products I only need one. If your skin is very dry you might still need a moisturizer on top of your sunscreen, but at least you’ll have the serum part covered. And remember to apply sunscreen under the eyes, too! The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face and more susceptible to UV damage. 

While the sunscreen and moisturizer are absorbing, I do my hair. You want to let your skincare products absorb a little before applying makeup to avoid any pilling.

Use a foundation or concealer that works for both your under-eye area and all over your face. Almost any creamy concealer can be sheered out with a little moisturizer to create a liquid foundation. Opening only one product = time saved. I apply it around my nose, on any red patches, and under my eyes. 

Favorites: Hynt Beauty DUET Concealer (which can be mixed with moisturizer to create a liquid foundation), Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation.

There’s no time for contouring with bronzer and highlighter when I’m in a rush. Instead, I use a warm blush that gives me a tan-like glow rather than my usual pink blushes. And always a cream formula that I can apply with my fingers on the go! 

On days when I have more time to do my makeup I reach for powder-based blushes and bronzers. Using a brush definitely gives me more control when applying and blending and creates a truly seamless look. Powders also last longer than cream formulas because they absorb some of the oil on the skin’s surface, making them less likely to slip and move around throughout the day. 

When I’m in a rush I use a cream-based eyeshadow that I can swipe on with my finger. When I have a big event, or simply more time to apply my makeup, I use powder eyeshadows. Just as with powder-based blushes and bronzers, powder formulas allow more seamless blending and have more staying power.

Favorites: Au Naturale Creme de la Creme Eye Shadows in ‘Addiction’ and Palma’, RMS Beauty Eye Polish in ‘Solar’.

Mascara is mascara, so I just make sure that the one I’m using is good for my lashes, doesn’t irritate my eyes and doesn’t clump easily. Formulas that lengthen and define are great because your lashes are less likely to stick to each other, whereas volumizing formulas deposit fibers onto the lashes. Curl lashes, apply a few coats, done.

Apply a tinted lip balm that gives your lips a natural wash of color, conditions, and doesn’t require a mirror to apply. 

Favorites: Hynt Beauty ARIA PURE lipstick in “Pinkbelle” (Hynt’s lipsticks have a lip conditioner and application mirror hidden in the flip up cap for application on the go), Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in ‘Blossom Lady’Mereadesso Tinted Lip Treats in ‘Sheer Pink’

Usually by this point my daughter comes into my bathroom wanting to do her makeup, too. She’s only five, so I need to make sure she doesn’t get things in her eye and lipstick all over her face. I usually let her play because I know the products I use are safe. One of the many benefits of using non-toxic cosmetics is that you don’t have to worry about the ingredients your kids are exposed to when they (inevitably) get their hands on your products. While I'm wiping off the 'creative' makeup my daughter has just applied to her face, my son runs over to me crying hysterically because his favorite basketball shorts are nowhere to be found. But if I’m feeling polished and put together I can better handle anything! Almost...

Sonia Keuroghlian is a corporate attorney turned green beauty and wellness influencer. She is the founder of KEU (, a one-stop green beauty and wellness resource to help detoxify and optimize your beauty and wellness regimes with safer products, all without compromising performance. Sonia's perspective is that of a mom looking to fit her beauty and wellness routines within the demands of a busy family and work life. Combining her love of green beauty, passion for wellness, and fine-tuned analytical and research skills, Sonia educates and shares her green knowledge through her blog, workshops, speaking appearances, brand partnerships and live shows on the YouCam Makeup App. Sonia splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and lives with her husband, son and daughter.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Time for a Vegan, Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea! Earl Grey Shortcake Recipe by Abby Phon for Hynt Beauty

We're back today with a healthy and elegant afternoon tea-time treat by Abby Phon, a health & wellness life coach and vegan recipe guru who has been partnering with Hynt Beauty to provide us with original Hynt recipes that feature one or a few of the ingredients that we formulate into our clean, makeup and skincare products. 

Introducing her all new vegan & gluten-free Earl Grey Shortbread recipe which features Bergamot Oil from real Earl Grey Tea Leaves, and a dash of Vanilla, too.  

"Personally, I LOVE Earl Grey Tea," says Abby, who found it challenging to avoid the caffeinated drink while she was breastfeeding. She eventually went for the decaf version but it got her thinking about how she can infuse that flavor into a baked goodie to go with the tea "...or just as well with the red raspberry leaf tea I was drinking to support and tone my uterus," she jokes. 

"Bergamot (Citrus Bergamia) is actually a cross between a lemon and an orange, and has a very citrus-y scent. It's best known for being the main flavor in Earl Grey tea, but besides its distinctive aroma, bergamot oil is amazing for your skin and body!"

Bergamot is full of polyphenols and is a natural antiseptic and cicatrisant, which is helpful for minimizing acne scars and other skin marks, too.

Vanilla is sweet, universally loved, especially in sweets and fragrances but it also has great beauty & health benefits, too! Real vanilla is full of antioxidants and has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Earl Grey Shortbread Recipe 

(Vegan & Gluten Free)

  • ½ cup Earth Balance Buttery Spread, softened
  • ½ cup maple syrup (or coconut nectar)
  • 2¼ cups gluten-free flour blend (I used Pamela's Artisan Flour Blend)
  • 2 tbsp organic earl grey loose leaf tea (or the insides of 4-6 tea bags)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp pink Himalayan salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Blitz earl grey tea in a spice/coffee grinder, blender, food processor (or mini-prep) until powdery
  3. Add Earth Balance, maple syrup, tea, vanilla and salt to a food processor and pulse until well combined
  4. Add flour and pulse until a dough forms
  5. Form into a patty and refrigerate for ~20 minutes to firm up
  6. On a floured surface, flatten to a ½ thick rectangle and cut into squares
  7. Transfer to a baking pan or cookie sheet and bake for 14-15 minutes, until just browned on the edges.
  8. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. (Don't worry if they are a little soft - they will harden as they cool!)

Check out Abby's other original Hynt Beauty recipes on the rest of our blog like her Chocolate-Covered Organic Raw Matcha Macaroons and Matcha Green Tea Smoothie recipes!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Forget the Balancing Act, it's more like Juggling! Mompreneurs Meryl & Sonia on how they Survive and Thrive

In only two short years Hynt Beauty has become a leader in the clean beauty world. Each of its makeup and skincare products is a standout and has earned a place in almost every ingredient-conscious makeup kit. That’s a remarkable achievement by any standard, but on top of that, Meryl also happens to be a mom of three boys! 

As a former lawyer and now beauty entrepreneur myself, with two kids under the age of 8, I was eager to ask Meryl about her experience as a mompreneur. With her company and family both thriving, I was sure she would have valuable guidance for the rest of us working mothers.

By now we’ve all (hopefully) disabused ourselves of the notion that a perfect ‘work-life balance’ is possible. The best any of us can do is aim for a state of ‘almost’ balance, given the constant and unpredictable challenges of running a business while raising a family. In this interview, Meryl candidly shares her experience of building her business while raising her family. She’s honest and real, and her insights are a must-read for working moms everywhere.

Above: Contributing writer & fellow mompreneur Sonia Keuroghlian with her two little ones.

Here is my conversation with Meryl. I guarantee you’ll love it as much as I did!

Sonia (SK): Have you been working since your children were born, or did you take time off and then return to the workforce?

Meryl Marshall (MM): I have been a working mother since my first born was only 7 months old. In those days, I was a gemologist working in the NYC Diamond District. My two stepsons were only 9 and 12 when we became a blended family in 2003 and I continued to work. My oldest, Corbin, is 27 years old, Jared is 25 and Jason is 22. I am very proud of these young men as they are all living on their own, independently. They have all graduated college, Jared is in medical school and Corbin and Jason are working in NYC. 

SK: It’s impossible to do it all - to be 100% committed to your career and 100% present in your children’s lives. Did you ever feel you were missing out on certain things? Like taking them to their activities, practices, etc.? 

Above: Meryl with her three boys and husband who is the CEO of Hynt Beauty, Craig Marshall

MM: It is very important to be organized and preparation is key to managing a household and raising children. It is vital to have a supportive partner that is willing to equally share in all the duties and responsibilities. It is also important to teach your kids to pitch in and know skills like how to cook, shop, clean and have structure in day-to-day living. They will thank you later on for this education!

As far as missing out, I never believed in over-scheduling activities. I believe that it stresses kids out and they really enjoy focusing on what they truly like. Kids don’t play outdoors with friends enough. There are too many scheduled activities in my opinion. Many families miss out on sit down family meals which I find very sad. The family meal is a very important part of life and one that kids really remember later on in years. Fast food eaten in the car while changing into a sports uniform is something that many of us encounter but it should not be a routine.

SK: Were your children and husband supportive from the beginning? Or did it take some time for them to adjust to the Hynt journey? When my mother went back to work, my brother and I really resented it, and, looking back, I feel terrible about the guilt I made her feel. But children tend to think about their own needs first!

Above: Photograph by Ashton Bingh

MM: Children are focused on their own needs. It is important for parents to carve out time to connect and bond. The family unit to me is sacred. That is why I believe in the family meal so much. That is where everyone can connect, share and catch up on what is going on. Communication is key to all relationships. When children are made to feel part of a team, they don’t feel like they are missing out by being latchkey. They are contributing to making life ‘work.’ I was widowed at 42 years old. I missed my husband terribly and, additionally, I missed being that cohesive family unit. I liked having a partner to raise our sons and contributing to the day-to-day minutia. 

SK: What are some of the strategies that helped your triple balancing act of keeping your business growing, your family happy and yourself sane?

MM: One integrated ‘to do’ list is vital, compiling business and the household. Business tasks on the left and personal on the right. I like using a highlighter too. I like crossing off entries as it gives me a sense that things are getting accomplished. When the list has many things crossed off, I begin a fresh list with the ‘leftover’ tasks and the new ones. 

I preach to live by the calendar that the entire family can add to and consult with. I like to stock up on all kinds of supplies. I was always known to have extra typically-used school and project supplies in the house to minimize running out at the last minute. Same thing with groceries. Two freezers were always full and 'till this day, I keep a grocery list to consult before shopping. Cook double and sometimes even use a crock pot. Keep meals very simple. When I buy cleaning products, etc., I buy extra when on sale and store them away, minimizing my shopping trips. These days, I purchase most of this stuff online.

Above: Meryl Marshall wearing her own clean & conscious Hynt products.

In a nutshell, all this home organization helps when running the business. It allows for complete focus on the business during the day. There is something to be said about doing nice things for yourself to keep yourself sane. It can be as simple as a 20 minute walk to clear your head, meditation, yoga, a gym workout or a mani/pedi. Whatever lifts you up is what you should plan into your week. 

SK: All entrepreneurs wear several hats, and mompreneurs add a few more on top of that. Can you recall the hardest thing about the balancing act of being a mompreneur? And also the most rewarding/joyous experience of it?

MM: It’s difficult when working for someone else as you have less options. You just can’t be in two places at once. I once sat down with my employer and had a heart-to-heart talk. He had three kids of his own so he could relate. I told him that once at work, I will always be focused and will apply my hard work ethic. However, there were going to be times when I’d have to take off in case of my child’s illness, class trip, class Mom duties, my kids’ activities…things like that. I explained that the quality of my work superseded my quantity of work and he really got it. We really had a terrific working relationship thereafter, and I worked very hard, but I had the opportunity to have flexibility in my schedule. You see, it’s all about communication. Say what you need and how you will go about making it happen. 

When my husband Craig and I started our first business, prior to Hynt, the kids were still home and we really felt that we had to juggle to get everything done but we were our own bosses and it provided more flexibility of when we could work. Now that we are empty nesters we are still up at 6am to start our workday. It allows us to get in some gym time during the day. 

Above: Sonia with some of her curated clean & green beauty favorites.

SK: As a mom of two little ones, I’m always looking for efficiency. Hynt helps streamline my skincare and beauty routine: I can close my eyes and pick any Hynt product, knowing it's safe for me to use and will look and feel beautiful. How much of your mission with Hynt was to cut through the clutter by offering products that simplify the decision-making process for women?

MM: I look at myself and Hynt Beauty as being somewhat of a beauty gatekeeper. I do all the research and the consumer gets to enjoy quality cosmetics with confidence knowing that all the ingredients are safe. They just need to focus on the beautiful textures, rich colors and professional quality. Hynt Beauty is a brand to trust and love.


Sonia Keuroghlian is a corporate attorney turned green beauty and wellness influencer. She is the founder of KEU (, a one-stop green beauty and wellness resource to help detoxify and optimize your beauty and wellness regimes with safer products, all without compromising performance. Sonia's perspective is that of a mom looking to fit her beauty and wellness routines within the demands of a busy family and work life. Combining her love of green beauty, passion for wellness, and fine-tuned analytical and research skills, Sonia educates and shares her green knowledge through her blog, workshops, speaking appearances, brand partnerships and live shows on the YouCam Makeup App. Sonia splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and lives with her husband, son and daughter.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hynt CEO & Co-Founder Craig's New Fitness, Health & Wellness Column Vol.1: A Chemical That's Good for Weight Loss

We are constantly hearing, “Don’t eat anything with chemicals, don’t put anything that contains chemicals on your skin, chemicals are bad for you!...”

The truth is that not all chemicals are bad for you. The one chemical that first comes to mind is WATER. 

The dictionary will define water as a “tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers and rain, and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.”  But, the reality is that water is a chemical made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Chemistry lesson over. Period. To make my point yes, but also because that is the extent of my chemistry knowledge...

I could continue to write about all the benefits of water but I am certain that you have all been inundated with all sorts of highly scientific stats and pro-water lists. So, I limit my thoughts to this very basic comment: Water fills you up.

Many of us typically think that when we get a craving it means we are hungry. Sometimes this is true but the reality is that many times we are just thirsty. 

Water is a great source to reach for to satisfy that urge to eat. Try it out. Drink a glass of water and wait about ten minutes to see if you are still hungry. If you are, then eat something. If not, get out of the kitchen already! 

Something that has worked for me in my journey to losing over 100 lbs and maintaining my fitness was to increase my water intake. Many of us feel that we alerady drink a lot of water but, most of us do not! I often get asked, “how much water should I drink each day?” My common response is to first get to the point where you are drinking one-half of your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 150 lbs. then try to drink 75 ounces of water daily.  That's about 9 - 10 cups of water.

This sounds like a lot and you might think I'm crazy for suggesting this but remember; you don't have to be at this point from day 1. Gradually increase your water intake a few ounces each day to get to that point and allow your body to adjust. It will happen surprisingly fast and you'll soon start to experience other benefits of water that were listed on those articles...that you never read anyway. 

If you have any medical or health concerns I strongly suggest seeking the advice of your health care practitioner to be certain that increased water intake will not cause you harm.  

P.S. You may find the need to go to the bathroom more frequently. Big deal. It's good to get up and walk once in a while! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

With this post, we are launching an all new series of fitness, health & nutrition posts by Craig Marshall, Hynt Beauty's CEO, Co-Founder AND Meryl's husband! He is a certified personal trainer who also has a special certification in training older adults and is en route to getting another in nutrition. He's always giving us so many smart, easy-to-integrate advice that we had to give him a platform to share his best.