Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why Paraben-free Cosmetics are Better for You and Your Skin

So we all know by now that organic ingredients and “natural” skincare is much better for you and your skin.  To its credit, the beauty industry has come a long way to integrate natural ingredients into their formulations, and tout it, too.  In fact, words like “natural” and “organic” are so trendy that it is becoming harder to differentiate which makeup, creams and skin care is actually best for your skin.  Consider this, many of your go-to products may still contain ingredients that could be causing your body and your skin more harm than good in the long term.  For example, the common artificial preservative made from a blend of alcohol and acid called Paraben, has been linked in certain well known studies to fertility issues and breast cancer; one study also detected Parabens in breast tumors.