Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Get Hynt's Autumn Look with new Sweet Nectar palette

This fall, we are changing up our daily makeup look to a fresh, Autumn-ready face that's a little softer and warmer in tone. The look is simple, yet sophisticated enough, flatters all types of skin tones and eye colors, and can easily go from work to dinner to weekend fun! 

And what more? As the weather starts to change and the air gets cooler and dryer, you really don't want drying or irritating ingredients in your makeup to aggravate your more sensitive skin! So, the gentle purity of Hynt's makeup and the skin-balancing ingredients combined, make it a good go-to this season (...and every season!) 

Designed by our lead Makeup Artist & Creative Director, Leann Somes, the look features our new SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in the color Sweet Nectar that's launching with this story! 

This palette consists of a beautiful matte, softened cantaloupe tone, a lighter color in a creamy ivory for highlighting and a deeper rich chocolate brown with subtle shimmer for definition. 

Here is the breakdown of how to get this look!


As the season changes, it's really important to keep your skin well hydrated and protected from the changing temps and drier air. The better your complexion, the longer your makeup will stay on beautifully!

  1. To cover up major discolorations like blemishes and darker spots Leann used the DUET Concealer on its own first.  
  2. For foundation, she mixed the same DUET Concealer with the organics-based SUNPREP Broad Spectrum SPF30  to create a lightweight but good-coverage foundation. 
  3. To contour and warm up the face, she applied the VELLUTO Powder Foundation in Rich Chestnut with the light-handed Air Blender Brush.
  4. To add some luminosity, Leanne dusted the LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder (which has a beautiful subtle golden glow that's perfect for any skin tone!) on the tops of the cheek bones, down the nose, and on the cupid's bow to make lips appear more pouty!
  5. She used the FINALE in Translucent Pearl to set the skin.


The eyes take center stage without going overboard with the warm, cozy shades nestled in the new Nectar eyeshadow palette.  The colors have a touch of matte creaminess and subtle golden shimmer that reminds us of autumn leaves being bathed in autumnal light.
  1. Prime the lids with the same concealer to make sure the colors stays put all day
  2. Use the PERFETTO Pressed Eye Shadows in Linen Kiss to even out the skin tone over the lids
  3. Leanne first used the lightest shade in the Nectar palette on the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes
  4. She then applied the darkest gold-specked chocolate shade in the crease area to define and add depth 
  5. Lastly, she used the center, soft matte nectar shade to blend and create a natural smokey eye that looks effortlessly pretty 


To keep the look natural and effortlessly beautiful, Leanne kept lips at bay with a neutral simplicity. After conditioning Sam's lips, Leanne applied a light coat of our LIBRE Lip Gloss in Pearly Rose Pink and done!

I hope that I was able to help you to try something new this fall! Don’t forget to keep a look out for our new product launches coming this season including the palette used to create this look, SUITE Eye Shadow Palette in Nectar.

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Contributed by Samantha Rae @smilestyleslay_

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